Webhook and update draft


I’m currently developping a webhook.
I thunk there is a problem (maybe it’s a feature ?)

I get exactly the same thing when I update a published page, or a draft on a published page…

Here is what I’m doing :

  • create a new Draft content :
  • update and save the draft => type : Updated / status : Draft (normal)
  • publish the draft => type : Published / status : Published (normal)
  • update and save the content => type : Updated / status : Published (normal)
  • create a new Draft => type : Created / status : Published (normal :question:)
  • update and save the draft => type : Updated / status : Published (normal :question:)

How can I make the difference between the update of a draft on a published content and the direct update of a published content ?

note : the saved modification on the draft does not appear when I get the content, as expected

hope I’ve been clear enough



PS : congratulations for the job, I discovered squidex recently, it’s a great software :wink:

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I think in the webhook you cannot make the difference, I have to check it again.

ok, thanks. Maybe in a future version, it would be interresting, because in reality, we are editing a Draft, without impacting published version.

Even if the content is Published, I think it makes sense the webhook send ‘Draft’ status


Totally agree :slight_smile: … it makes sense.

If you have a dev setup, you can provide a PR: I think we just need to add a new field to the event: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/backend/src/Squidex.Domain.Apps.Core.Model/Rules/EnrichedEvents/EnrichedContentEvent.cs

Status? NewStatus.

I think existing field Status is enough.
but maybe you can add a new one, like “CurrentVersionStatus” ? meaning it’s the version we are working at ?

sorry, I can’t make a PR, C# is so far from what I know :smiley: