Way to Migrate Clients (CleintId/Secret)

Is there a way to migrate clients with same ClientId/Secret. We are thinking to migrate Squidex to brand new instance with clean DB. We want to keep Clients same as we don’t want to have impact and change on any of the applications which are using Squidex. We can just switch the DNS so no one have any impact. I can see Client Create API does’t take ClientSecret so we can’t use that API to create same credentials in new instance.

If you restore a backup to another instance, the clients will stay the same.

I tried to create back-up but looks like I can never download the back-up may be size is too big. It kept running for more than 2 hours to download but eventually failed. We already have migration script which can migrate data. There are many other reasons to not restore back-up. Earlier we were using MongoDB to store assets but latter switched to Blob Storage so we have to do some clan-up and there are other areas where clean-up needed. We are thinking a fresh instance and migrate whatever data we need to new Instance.

Then I do not have a solution for you.

The backup should be in the asset store, I don’t see why it should be slow to download. I can download backup with 30MB / sec.

Mostly Its VPN that’s causing slowness. I will have someone from UK team to try to download back-up.