Want to continue create/update contents after Control method called in script

Hi Sebastian,

I am using the reject(reason) method in script to check some validation and show warning message on that behalf.
As the reject(reason) works, after displaying the warning it stop creating, updating the content. I need to know if it is possible that it allows creating or updating contents after warning shows or is there any other way around, I can use.

I did not find any other function except disallow() and reject(reason) that displays an alert in the Management UI.


As far as I know this isn’t possible atm and documentation doesn’t provide examples for what you’re trying to do, but it is an interesting idea and I could see how it would be useful so could be good to raise as a feature request.

I think it would be very odd from the API perspective. An API either returns an error or a success. So your request is something in between. More like a warning.

So what I would do instead is to create a field for that. Make it not editable by writing a custom editor for that and then fill the field with your UI hints.