[VERY_UNLIKELY] Sync content with referenced schemas


I suggest adding the ability to automatically add or remove content for reference content in schema. For example, as shown in the picture. In that case, all interviews auto-synced in this reference content field

Sorry, I do not understand it…

Sorry for my bad English.

I have the schema for MainPage in my blog and in schema had a reference field. In that field, I refer to articles. And I want after adding a new article also to link on that one in the MainPage reference field.
Just now reference field needs the manual update after adding new content.

Just my idea about the references on all schema content, not only specific content value. I find it really useful feature

I’m sorry for the persistence

Yes, this makes sense, but it is a very complicated feature and done wrong it can cause a lot of load. Therefore for now I am not planning to implement it.

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