[VERY_UNLIKELY] Shared tag structure across schemas


Many CMS’s has the opportunity to tag across content types, in order to find similar/related content. I really think this could be a nice feature to add.

Also maybe since the tag field is localizable, it could be nice that you could have different language versions of tags, so the editor can tag in their own language.

BTW, really great work with this. We are about to implement it and so far everybody is very impressed, so keep up the good work.

Thank you for your nice words and the feature request.

I found this method as a solution (that’s actually better in my opinion):

  1. I created another scheme just for tags
  2. Added a field name (input) - “Tag Name”
  3. Added all the tags I want
  4. In the other scheme (with the Knowledge-Base content, I added a “References” field + scheme validation that points to either a single tags scheme or multiple ones if you want to share a different type of tags systems), along with a “List” appearance, so it’s way easier to check all the needed tags, or add a completely new one right from the content creator view (rather than going to the tags scheme itself).

@Sebastian - what do you think about this method?

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I think it can be easily and efficiently solved with references.

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