[VERY_UNLIKELY] Highlight fields that are 'Required when publishing'


Currently when field validation has ‘Required’ checked a red asterisk appears next to the field as you would expect, however when the field validation has ‘Required when publishing’ checked there is no visual indication that it is needed before you can get the content published; you just get told when you try to publish.


I am not quite sure what I would expect it to look like! Perhaps an amber asterisk that on hover shows ‘Required on publishing’, however that doesn’t seem very accessible.

Just write a hint for your users? :wink:

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Was playing devil’s advocate for users but yes for me using hints would suffice! Just wanted to raise a feature request in case it had been in the back of your head as something to do.

As it turns out I think we are just going to flag the fields as ‘Required’ anyway so it’s a moot point. We ran into this issue again (we have changed a field label to be completely different to the original field name) and making it required means they should always see the client side error messaging using field labels now.

Thanks for your quick response as usual!

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