[VERY_UNLIKELY] Allow multiple users to view content and only one user to edit


I am looking to create a content authoring workflow using squidex where authors create, review and publish content. In this workflow when the content is ready for review, I would want the user to know if the content is being reviewed/ edited by someone before starting to review/edit it to avoid any clashing edits and thereby allowing only one user to edit the content at a time.

Looking at the documentation for custom workflows here https://docs.squidex.io/02-documentation/developer-guides/workflows it looks like the reviewer is only expected to change the state and not make any edits.

This might be something which could be useful for others as well. Is this something which could go in the backlog (if not already exists) ?


Have you had a look to this documentation: https://docs.squidex.io/02-documentation/concepts/workflows

Because there is a workflow feature in Squidex since a while and the documentation you have tested, is super old, before the feature existed.

Hello, read this and the “allowing only one user to edit the content at a time” is something we are also interested in but in the form of a user being able to ‘lock’ some content so only they can amend it until they release the ‘lock’. I believe current plan is to have an assigned editor field and use custom scripts to enforce, but obviously a fancy built in feature tied into logins would be amazing!

Of course there are other considerations such as allowing certain users like admins the ability to override locks, and also potential of making it so that users can essentially assign the ‘lock’ to another user(s) for a more targeted/ad-hoc peer review process for when Roles is less feasible.

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Hi Sebastian,

Have looked at the documentation you have provided the link to but it looks like the feature isn’t available currently.

Thanks for describing the feature in more detail. Are you aware of any workaround for this in the current system ?

I have worked with locking files before and it is a horrible feature in my opinion. People forget to unlock things and it created a lot of confusion and problems in the daily work routines.

Therefore I have no plans to implement this feature.

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