[VERY_UNLIKELY] 'Add Component' button label change


The word ‘Component’ is not common language for some of our users, so when they see ‘Add Component’ against fields it is a bit jarring for them:

Instead could we use the field’s display name in the button? For example:

While this seems the simplest approach (rather than having another property of the field that states how this button should be labelled) it would obviously impact all customers so perhaps it could not just be done by default (that’s if you agree with the change of course!), I just envisioned this sort of weird field name that could result:

Let me know what you think,

How would you change the label, if you have more than one schema?

…ah yes, very good point! I guess that would require a new property of the field to allow overriding of the default ‘Add a Component’ text. Could only automate when there’s only one schema being referenced but that makes it less predictable for users. Might just convince our users to get along with the current wording as I am sure they’ll soon get used to it.

This just increases complexity with very little value. I think it is better to establish a term than to introduce dozens of settings.

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