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Current behavior

This is actually just a question: I could not find where to put in our company VAT during checkout - is this something we need to fill in somewhere else prior checkout?

Expected behavior

VAT field during checkout

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Checkout a paid package.


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Version: cloud


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Hello, I have fixed the configuration of the portal, you can add your VAT number now if you go the billing portal and then to “billing details”

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For some reason I still can’t see the VAT field. Do I need to do something else before I see it?

Oh, my bad - it appeared after filling out all fields. Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Btw, it looks like German VAT is still 19% instead of 16%.

Thanks, changed it in the system.

Thanks! Does that mean we’ll get a new invoice? Btw, on our invoice (from a few minutes before you changed the VAT amount for Germany) it doesn’t look like VAT was actually deducted from the charged amount - is that intended?

This totally depends on the country and so on, to be honest I do not understand all the details of the invoice system, but my tax advisor says, that everything is fine :wink:

Haha, okidoki - if it’s good enough for you it’s good enough for us, I guess. :smiley: I’ll get back to you via PM if our tax advisor sees any problems with that invoice. Thanks again for your support! :slight_smile:

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