Validation Error

I have the following issue “properties.allowedValues: Radio buttons or dropdown list need allowed values.”

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Current behavior

When we are changing the editor for a string field to dropdown or radio and providing the allowed values we are receiving the error

Expected behavior

It should SAVE

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hi @Sebastian please advise us, this is happening only 7.0.2 version of App


I am not sure what you expect from me.

  1. The post does not contain a concrete error message.
  2. I don’t understand if you have searched in the forum or the changelog.
  3. I don’t understand if you have tried to make an upgrade.

Please do not try to enforce faster answers my mentioning me. I get notifications anyway. If you need more support you can always buy a support package.

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Hi Sebastian,

Thank you as always for quick replies!

As you suspect, We see this error only in version 7 of Squidex whereas version 5 doesn’t produce this error. Could an upgrade to version 7 of squidex cause this issue? Sorry for tagging you bro!


I think it is only a UI error and very likely it has already been fixed.

Hi Sebastian,

Apologies for tagging you every time.

In our latest build that uses 7.8.0 we have once again got into trouble with the following steps :smiley:

  1. Select one schema
  2. Click a ‘Add Field’
  3. Select “String” type
  4. type in field name “Test”
  5. Click 'Create and edit field
  6. Go to Editing tab, Choose Dropdown Editor
  7. Type in some values in ‘Allowed Values’ and hit “,” to add a value to the allowed values
  8. Click on save.

Attached screenshot for refernce.

Thank you once again for helping us out. This is happening after we successfully restored App notification and App User data resources to this latest Squidex build we plan to use this version for our production build what do you recommend Sebastian?

I cannot reproduce it.

EDIT: Somehow my gif does not work, but anyway.