Using External Hosted MongoDB Atlas with Docker Standalone Deployment


I have started working with Squidex using the standalone docker deployment. I am considering switching to an externally hosted MongoDB instance using MongoDB’s Atlas Service. I found the connection strings in /app/appsettings.json of the Squidex Container.

If I migrate the database to Atlas and update the connection strings in appsettings.json, should I be good to go? Or is there another area to update connection strings, considerations etc…



thats it. Just change the connection string. You can also use atlas to host the assets if you want.

If you use docker I would change the connection strings with environment variables:


Does it work for you now?

Hello @Sebastian,

I changed the connection strings “configuration”: to the remote MongoDB instance in /app/appsettings.json.

It seems to still be using the old connection strings. I tried restarting the server and docker container, but it is still connecting to local MongoDB. I checked appsettings.json and the proper remote strings are there.

Could cache files be causing this?

Thanks for your assistance!

Have you rebuilt the docker container?