Users creation in Different environment

I have been creating users and assigning to various Apps by hand (using UI) manually. Now I need to take application from Dev to test environment then eventually to Prod/Live. How can I import/create users in new instances? I don’t see a user create API. Is this possible? I am fine if we can also import from CSV.


there are several answers:

  1. If you add a user to an app using the email address, the user is created automatically. But the user does not have a password yet. If you use single sign on it is not a problem, but otherwise you have to create passwords in the administration section.

  2. If you use the CLI or the backup system the users are also created automatically, because it is basically the same code.

  3. There is a management API, which is not documented by purpose. But if you have a look to the code and to the requests that are being made in the user-management area:

Thanks. I will use APIs.