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Current behavior

When calling PostUserAsync on the UserManagementClient it results in a SquidexManagementException but with a status code of 200.
So, the request went fine, user is created but it throws an exception.
Can work around it by catching the exception like so:

catch (SquidexManagementException sme) when (sme.StatusCode == 200)
     var user = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<UserDto>(sme.Response);

Expected behavior

No exception is thrown.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

var request = new CreateUserDto
    Email = "",
    Password = "a1b@c#Def",
    DisplayName = "Test"

var result = await userManagementClient.PostUserAsync(request);


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Version: 10.1.0

Thanks. I will have a look. I guess the API spec is just wrong and therefore it generates the wrong code.

I tested it locally and it works fine. I think this is a Squidex problem that is already fixed.

When I have added the user management endpoint to OpenAPI (which is the base for the generated code) I have also changed the response code from 200 to 201. Therefore the request fails.

I have pushed a new version of the client library which is more tolerant with 200 / 201 status codes.


Thanks Sebastian for the quick response. I test with the new version of the client library and it works fine now.