Use squidex as backend

i degin an app with React UI - Asp.netCore - Squidex
i want to ui call api from core and aspnetcore pass api to squidex
but the first step i don’t know how to implement Authentication and Authorization .
how to validate login and get hashToken for any user and pass with any request

could you please show me an example


If you use ASP.NET Core you can use the client library:

Otherwise the authentication process is described here:

i want to implement login and logout with user name and password and get token to call any api and squidex manage authentication/Authorization user
and know really confused
i realy like squidex and want to use this

Squidex does not handle end user authentication. You can of course implement a schema and store usernames and passwords for your users.

this advice clear my way

hi again

i think for that and figure out this solution

  • create user schema
  • create special Role for bunch of permission
  • create Client for any user and assign special role to this client
    when user login and the username and password validation is ok
    get token from client which belong to this user
    and add token to header of any request

could you please tell me this scenario is ok or any advice for create better architect ?

You cannot create thousands of clients, Squidex is not designed for that. I would just use the user table for authentication and use one client for all your users. There is a pending PR that allows users to only see their content, but in general Squidex does not work well when directly accessed by end users like in your use.

You could also implement a middleware ( API layer) for authentication and authorization of course.