Urgent! Cant login to Squidex

For some reason I cant login anymore to squidex
All api requests are empty (without items)
All assests are not accisable

Squidex run on Azure based on the instalation guide you provided in documentation.

Please Help!!

I need a few information, I cannot help like this.


We Installed Squidex on Azure
Container based web app
Storage blob for assets
Mongo db on container instance with file share volume

Today, I try to login to Squidex but he told me every time the user and password are wrong.
I try to make an api request, but I got empty array without data

I can login to MongoDB but can understand if something was damaged.
I also dont know how to check if something was happend to our assets.

I am appreciate you help Sebastian.

Can you create a backup of your database and send it to me?

Sure. Few minutes.