Upgrade path (from dev-5392 to 7.5.0)

Hi Sebastian!

We are planning to upgrade our self-hosted instance of Squidex from version “dev-5392” to the latest stable version (“7.5.0”). We have referred to the instructions provided in https://docs.squidex.io/02-documentation/concepts/migrations, but we are unsure whether we need to follow a specific upgrade path.

To test the upgrade process, we have applied the following upgrades in a testing env, and everything seems to be working correctly:

  • Current version: “dev-5392”
  • Upgrade to: “5.9.0”
  • Upgrade to: “6.0.1”
  • Upgrade to: “6.14.0”
  • Upgrade to: “7.0.3”
  • Upgrade to: “7.5.0”

Can we proceed with this sequence? Or do we need to add or remove any versions?

Thank you in advance.

You can update everything with one go. There should be no reason to do it step by step.

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