Unknown failed loading prompt out when logging squidex admin portal

Somehow I can host squidex on the cloud by AKS. But I notice that there always prompt out the weird “failed to load xxxx” popup when logging into the Squidex portal.

It happens on Schemas or Content or Assests or Rules sometime when I click.
But when I check the backend MongoDB logs, there are no particular logs are for them.

Is it an issue? and do you know why?

Yes, it is an issue, but I don’t know why.

I see.
As you know, what are the impacts?

Impacts? the impact is that the UI is not working. I don’t know the reason. Usually there are logs. What do you see in Chrome network tab or Console?

I cannot reproduce it again, just happen in occasion.
By the way, I find the portal login cannot work in my Chrome browser (my version is 84.0.4147.105).

But ok for Windows Edge browser

What do you mean it cannot work? What error do you see?

There is no error, but clear my login fields when I click “Login” button.

Can you send me the URL and username and password as PM?