Unittest with Squidex.ClientLibrary-19.1.0


I’m trying to create mock objects of Model class using latest version of Squidex.ClientLibrary v19.1.0.

In Squidex.ClientLibrary v13.0.0, I’m able to create mock object of Model chass using below code:

var clientManager =new SquidexClientManager(new SquidexOptions{…});

var modelObjectClient = clientManager.CreateContentsClient<Model, ModelData>(“ExampleSchema”);

var modelObject = await clientManager.CreateAsync(squidexAuthorCurrentVersion,ContentCreateOptions.AsPublish);

However, the same class (“SquidexClientManager”) isn’t available in v19.1.0.

I need help in how may I create mock object of a Model class using Squidex.ClientLibrary-19.1.0 ?

Thank you


the client manager has been renamed to SquidexClient:

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Thank you, Sebastian.

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