Unable to view content or schema on new install of Squidex

Published code from master branch, deployed within IIS.
Configured to use Mongodb for asset store and orleans
Wiped out previous Mongodb databases
Restored an app from another server, created a blank app
Click on Content or Schema, get a red error “Failed to make request”
Log does not show this error message, but shows a series of warnings for Orleans

You can send me the full logs but I cannot help otherwise.

Here is a link to the log file. Thanks


Why have you enabled clustering?

Enable clustering ? Do you mean by using MongoDb in Orleans ? Because the alternative is “Development” ?

I have tried switching back to “Development” but with similar results.

Development is fine. And you said it is the latest version?

The version I pulled down after you fixed the Migrations issue.

When I run locally with npm start and dotnet run… it works. But when I do a Publish and deploy the files under IIS this problem occurs. I replaced the previous version of Squidex with all the previous security intact if that helps?

Strange. Orleans makes a request to itself to check the clustering. Unfortunately you cannot disable it. Can you check the Orleans_Membership Table column in MongoDB and have a look for the IP addresses there?

Actually there are 6 entries in the Orleans_OrleansMembershipV2 table… All with the correct hostname and ip address

What error do you see in the browser?

Does the application stop automatically?

When I click on Content or Schema, I get a red error “Failed to make request” in bottom right hand corner and nothing displays.

I mean in the Browser network tab.

Sorry… there are no http errors, just console errors

UserManager.getUser: user loaded
api/apps:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)
scripts/oidc-client.min.js:1 UserManager.getUser: user not found in storage
app.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2 UserManager.signinSilent: successful, signed in sub: 5d659a3b215c3307245f613f
app.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2 ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): e: {“statusCode”:500,“message”:“Failed to make the request.”,“details”:[],“displayMessage”:“Failed to make the request.”}
at F (shims.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2)
at F (shims.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2)
at shims.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2
at r.invokeTask (shims.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2)
at Object.onInvokeTask (app.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2)
at r.invokeTask (shims.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2)
at n.runTask (shims.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2)
at b (shims.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2)
at u.invokeTask [as invoke] (shims.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2)
at i (shims.js?251e253b5582705948a4:2)

Okay, thx. I will setup it on IIS. Perhaps I can reproduce the problem.

Actually, when I run locally using npm start & dotnet run it works fine.

When i publish, navigate to the publish folder and run using dotnet ./Squidex.dll I get the same problem. I copy over the appSettings.config from the Squidex/src/Squidex folder into the publish folder.

Is it an issue with how I’m publishing ?

No, it should be fine. This is how I also deployed it the last time. It is important to set ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Production and the urls:baseUrl.

Environment is set, not sure what you mean about urls:baseUrl though ?

You have to set the URL, that is used to reach:

It is here in the app settings: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/src/Squidex/appsettings.json#L13

Please read the page about configuration in the docs.

I think I have decent handle on the configuration… I just wasn’t picking up what you were referencing.

Thanks, appreciate your time on this issue.

I hope I will find the time tomorrow to try it on IIS. It is a few month since I have done it the last time.