Unable to sync previously deleted content

I’m opening a ticket related to a problem we’ve faced before. [IMPLEMENTED] Can't upsert a previously deleted document

Apologies if the topic is not the right one.

Our setup is:

  • We use cloud Squidex
  • My local CLI is:
    ➜ bin/sq info
    Squidex CLI v7.0.0.0, API Compatibility >= 4.X

I was trying to sync only a portion of my application’s contents (a single schema type and contents) and so I removed the remainder of the schemas and contents from the backup folder and hit run.
It turns out that the CLI is not safe by default (--nodelete is not active by default) and instead of updating just the schema and content I was referencing, the CLI decided it was a good idea to delete all other schemas and content that I was not referencing.

If this was not bad enough, once I tried to restore back the application syncing in the full schemas and content again, I was surprised to know that I’m now unable to restore the app’s state because the content was flagged as deleted (my assumption). This is the error message I get:

Upserting #50...                        failed: Invalid command.

I’m linking to the old support ticket because I’m surprised this is still a problem. I assume the CLI uses the same API, hence I’m surprised this is an issue

Now I’m left in this state, where my only solution to the problem is to re-create the app and sync the content in again.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to restore my app’s state

Can you please fill in the basic information from the support template? I cannot remember who uses which environment and setup.

I just found out that you use the cloud. My recommendation is that you send me your backup folder as PM and when the new backup is ready tomorrow, I will debug it locally.