Unable to Reset Owner Password

Using squidex:3.4.0 image hosted on a Kubernetes cluster. I seem to have forgotten or accidentally changed my password and am unable to login. I had originally set the IDENTITY__ADMINPASSWORD environment variables and thought that by changing it now to a new password would reset it, but it hasn’t.

The new generated password (and the previous one) adheres to the password requirements here https://docs.squidex.io/01-getting-started/installation/configuration

I’d be grateful for any advice.

Hi, you can only delete your user in the database at the moment and recreate it then. But I can also create an option to allow a reset.

I have introduced a new setting called IDENTITY__ADMINRECREATE which, when set to true, will reset the password and add the admin permission to the user.

Hi Sebastian, thanks for the quick reply. I managed to recover my password through the history of my password manager. The new setting you introduced is a great idea too.

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Hello Sebastian can it u pdate an existing admin or i t has to be a new email? it dosen’t seem to work for me even though at startup I see the right envirnoment variables configured (v 4.1.3 of docker image)

It can either be an existing user or a new user.

This is the code