Unable to add Allowed Values for Dropdown or Radiobutton

When I try to enter allowed values and hit enter, I get this error:

It makes an AJAX call to https://cloud.squidex.io/api/apps/dttest/schemas/downloadforms/fields/1/nested/5 which returns this error:

Request payload:
{“properties”:{“editor”:“Radio”,“isRequired”:false,“isListField”:false,“fieldType”:“String”,“inlineEditable”:false,“label”:null,“hints”:null,“placeholder”:“Enter Form Type”,“editorUrl”:null,“maxLength”:null,“minLength”:null,“pattern”:null,“defaultValue”:null}}

This is a showstopper for me as I have no viable workaround at this point.

The allowed values field is a tag editor, so you have not entered any tags yet. Try Enter or commata :wink:

I know that, this error happens exactly WHEN I hit enter.


  1. select the FormType field for editing in Schema section
  2. click on the Editing tab
  3. select “radio” (or drop down, both have same bug)
  4. Type something into “Allowed Values”
  5. Hit ENTER key
  6. Error happens.

Have you tried commata?

You are right, commas work. I was thinking this would work the same as adding tags to assets, where you can use the Enter key to finish entering a tag. But this works, thanks!

Sorry, I changed it to allow the normal “Enter” behavior for forms. Then I got complaints about the assets and so on and so forth :wink: