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I have a few questions regarding to the customization of the Squidex UI. In general I understand that it could be done by changing the application code for the UI - but I’m curious if some part of it could be done by the configuration. I searched for few thinks in the documentation and code, but I still have few questions:

  1. Is there any possibility to remove/hide the “Schemas” and “Settings” tab for a specific role? I know that it comes from the permission squidex.{app}.common which is implicitly set for all users. Is there any possibility to remove this permission/hide this tab?
  2. Could we hide application dashboard for a specific roles (the main page of the specific application with usage charts etc.)?
  3. Could we hide for a specific role tiles on a main page (“New App”, “New Blog Sample”, “New Profile Sample” etc.)?
  4. Is there any possibility to remove/hide/change a “Get help and support” button that is shown on the right side of the window?

If you could give me any hint if any of it could be done by configuration or should I go with the UI code customization - I would be grateful :wink:


  1. Schemas is not possible as each user should be able to at least read the schemas. Settings should be possible, I will test it.

  2. No, and it is not planned yet, but we could make it more customizable and hide specific charts.

  3. https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/src/Squidex/appsettings.json#L60 (set it to true)

  4. Could be done, but I am not sure, if I want to do it as it is free and very decent advertisement.

Why the user who only has very minimum content access should be able to see the whole site schema? Content editors should not require to access schema section at all.
Is there a way to hide the whole schema section or if impossible then only show the schema which the user has access to?
eg. content.page.* can see schemas.page but not the other schemas under schema section.
Can we submit this as feature request or already in the future plan?

I think it has already been requested somewhere., but it is not on my roadmap yet. I can explain you the reasons tomorrow or later this day.

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The link to the setting onlyAdminsCanCreateApps is not valid anymore. I think this is the new one: