Synopsis of Squidex 5.0.x?

Hi Sebastien,

Can you give a synopsis of what Squidex 5.0.x will bring? I saw the 5-beta release in the download section. I scan for another thread on this topic but didn’t see anything relevant. I hope it’s fine asking it here.

I am preparing an upgrade from 3.5 to 4.5 but would like to be mindful of what features/changes 5.x will bring to the world.


From the changelog:

This version introduces a new way to deal with ids. So far each content element has an id that is unique across all apps. This causes problems, because you cannot define your own ids and the ids have to change when you clone an app via backup and restore.
With this version ids for content items and assets are only unique within an app.
To make this possible, this version rebuilds all content items, assets and asset folders which can take a few minutes.

it is also described here: [WIP] Custom content ids

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Ah, this would be very sweet update indeed. Thanks for pulling that out of the change log. I should have looked at it in detail.

It would be helpful to have this feature a copy-down tool, say between a PROD CMS and say a DEV CMS. I have wanted to keep a development CMS in sync, with an exact replica of the production cms dataset. However, a requirement of having identical CMS ID haven’t been a complication.