Support for chinese characters

I have a rich text field that contains some chinese characters. The characters render fine in the SquidEx rich text editor.

But when I retrieve them in CSharp (using HttpWebRequest), the chinese characters are converted into “???” questionmark characters.

Does something specific need to be sent to allow returning chinese characters?

Have you checked the encoding? UTF8 vs ASCII …

When instantiating the StreamReader, I’ve tried ENCODING.ASCII, ENCODING.UTF8, ENCODING.UNICODE, and nothing works.

Have you checked the response with Postman? To be sure that it is not a Squidex problem?

Got it working, my code change on the StreamReader was valid. Problem was at my day job we access the internet through a proxy server which apparently was caching the page instead of requesting a new version of the page, so I kept seeing old version of the page.

Lesson - don’t trust what you see unless you have a direct access to the Internet :wink:

Great! :slight_smile: … not a bug to fix for me :smiley: