Strange behavior in Rules

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Current behavior

We have some problems with the Rules. The executed action does not appear in the logs, when the action is executed

Expected behavior

I expect the action to appear in the logs

Minimal reproduction of the problem

I created a manual trigger with a webhook action. When I trigger the rule, it sends a put request at https://<squidex-url>/api/apps/<app-name>/rules/0832a62e-9b47-4ea4-b575-27d13a811f46/trigger and I get a 204 back, so I assume everything there is OK.
^ This remains at 0, after I refresh the Rules page, and refresh the logs of that specific rule.

… But the rules still gets executed in Squidex:

2020-12-02T13:47:11.728541664Z {
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728544564Z “logLevel”: “Information”,
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728554764Z “message”: "Sending HTTP request PUT ",
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728558864Z “eventId”: {
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728561964Z “id”: 100,
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728564964Z “name”: “RequestStart”
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728579564Z },
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728582864Z “httpMethod”: “PUT”,
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728586064Z “uri”: “”,
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728589264Z “app”: {
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728592364Z “name”: “Squidex”,
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728595364Z “version”: “”,
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728598464Z “sessionId”: “093f0ff0-db26-4ed6-af15-35a9864702f1”
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728601564Z },
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728604564Z “timestamp”: “2020-12-02T13:47:11Z”,
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728607664Z “category”: “System.Net.Http.HttpClient.Default.ClientHandler”
2020-12-02T13:47:11.728610764Z }

And the request is received on my url, so all seems to be working. Just no logs show up.

Do you have a cache in-app in squidex?


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Version: 5.2.0


  • [x ] Chrome (desktop)
  • [ ] Chrome (Android)
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  • [ ] Firefox
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  • [ ] IE
  • [ ] Edge


We also have another problem, when creating actual rules:

When we create a webhook with the POST method, it still executes as a GET request.
I’ve checked the network, and the rule is posted just fine with the POST method in the body. But the action still executes as a GET request. If I change it to PUT, it works fine… So maybe it relates to the problem I’ve described above.

There is a little bit of a cache for rules, but it is only for 10 seconds. I will have to dig into your other requests, but from my last tests I have not experienced it.

Alright. Let me know if I can be of any help.