Storage limit reached

I’m working for a company that has a paid basic-level Squidex account, under the user email My understanding is that this account has a 5GB storage limit.

I was uploading assets yesterday to an app named daariz-somali1-course and got error messages about having reached our storage limit. This was confusing because I’ve uploaded less than 1GB.

My boss checked the account and tells me that she sees a ‘free’ subscription for daariz-somali1-course and a ‘basic’ subscription for daariz-somali2-course.

I was under the impression that one subscription covers multiple courses. Is that not the case?

Thanks for your help.

-Barton Listick

No, right now subscriptions are per app. If you need a lot of apps I can give you a discount or so to reduce the costs.

Thanks, Sebastian. I’ll let my boss know.

thanks for the awesome information.