Static site options with ASP.NET Core

I love squidex and want to use it for my next side project. I am currently looking at gatsby as a static site generator.

I was just wondering if anyone here had any ideas or experience with ASP.NET Core in this space. It seems like it would be perfect to have a Razor Pages site, and have a build job that dumps out a static site from it and have squidex kick that off via a webhook.

Does anyone know if there is a project that is doing this that I can help contribute to?

Why would you use a dynamic system (razor pages) for static website? Would this not negate the benefit?

I’m thinking you can use all the goodness of .NET, and the code in your sample repo, it would be a nice alternative instead of using Gatsby or some javascript framework.

There’s Wyam, but that’s not very flexible. I’m my mind, you’d build a razor pages app, then have a tool that either crawls or uses a list of urls (sitemap maybe?) to save the site, this way you can host on github, netlify or whatever, with great perf and little to no cost.

It might be that this doesn’t exist cause it’s a terrible idea, but I thought I’d ask cause I think it would work really well.

Sounds like an interesting idea, should be easy to implement as there are probably a lot of crawlers already.