'Start backup' causes 'Invalid task name' error and no backup begins

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Current behavior

Clicking “Start backup” in Jobs and Backups causes the error “Invalid task name” to be displayed on screen, and the backup doesn’t start. In the network log of the browser invalid task name POST request returns status code 400.

Expected behavior

The backup should start and the screen should indicate backup is underway.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


App Name:

  • Self hosted with docker
  • Self hosted with IIS
  • Self hosted with other version
  • Cloud version

Version: [VERSION]


  • Chrome (desktop)
  • Chrome (Android)
  • Chrome (iOS)
  • Firefox
  • Safari (desktop)
  • Safari (iOS)
  • IE
  • Edge


Backup previously worked when we last did it about 7-8 months ago.