Squidex's CLI issues when export and import contents

I’ve installed Squidex on Linux with Docker, version “lateset” from docker-compose file.
I’m trying to duplicate entire app by using the app settings export + and contents export as JSON.
Two issues:

  1. When exporting the contents data as JSON, it generated an invalid JSON file. While expecting array of content objects, it actually generate multiple objects without separator, and no array brackets at all.
  2. With that being said, I’m unable to import the contents, obviously. And it’s not just that - as for the docs, it seems like I can import the contents without specify which fields I want to import, meaning import everything. However, when I’m trying to do so, I’m getting an error that the “fields” option is required.

It would be amazing to solve these issues, and let to import all of the contents as they are, same way I can import the entire app’s settings without doing specifics.

Thank you.

Hi, I don’t remember case #1, but I think the reason why I did it, was to support streaming documents. When you have one big JSON you have to parse it one go.

for #2 there is feature request somewhere already.

Btw: PRs are welcome.