SquidexException: Squidex Request failed: {"message":"Failed to update content.","details":["login: Not a known field."],"statusCode":400}

I am trying to use identity server with external logins such as google, facebook etc. I have configured Authentication schema and client for google. But i am unable to login using a google account and i get this error when i try to register an account.

SquidexException: Squidex Request failed: {“message”:“Failed to update content.”,“details”:[“login: Not a known field.”],“statusCode”:400}

The account appears in the users section in squidex, but squidex doesn’t allow to login using this user.

Are you talking about the Identity sample? This is more work in progress. It is very likely that some of the fields do not match and therefore you probably get this exception. I have not worked on it for a while, probably a year or so.

Adding a ‘login’ field of type Json to the User schema seems to have fixed this.

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