Squidex vs Piranha CMS

Hi Sebastian,

Just curious… Do you have any experience with Piranha CMS?

Compared to Squidex - what would you say are its pros and cons?



  • versioning by default for everything (search or about event-sourcing it is cool topic)
  • selfhosted docker (“easy”) / cloud (with free tier)
  • good performance
  • nice looking UI
  • simple integration with almost anything (without needs for uploading custom files somewhere, which is not good for upgrading in future)
  • for selfhosted it is also easy upgrading usually just change docker version and you have last version
  • can be used for any “content”


  • it is not well known = if it is something what is not well/yet documented it is hard to find solution / but on other hand sebastian responding on this forum really quickly
  • good architecture is also cons because it is relatively hard to contribute with anything (you should know event-sourcing, ms orleans…) on other hand thanks to rules (webhooks etc) i don’t need to

Piranga looks more like templates or something you put to your codebase to add some sort of “CMS” at least from quick look. Squidex is something like a “database” for your content (whatever it is blog, e-shop, data for your mobile game).

It is more about what you want, but for me this is not a contest. I would recommend trying cloud and you will see if it fits your needs.

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Thanks a lot. Nothing to add or correct from my side. I have never really worked with Piranha CMS.