Squidex problem with Docker

I have built the local squidex with Dockerfie.Then run it with the Docker image ID. It is running perfectly.

The problem is, when i hit the base url:- https://localhost:5001 , then it shows me-

Same Error is occured for the url:- https://localhost

Which URL should i hit to go to the login page after running the local squidex with docker?


first of all you have to distinguish between Development mode and Production mode:

  • In Development Mode Squidex listens to port 5001 using https and a self signed developer certificate. The development mode is only used when running the source code directly from your IDE or command line. Very often port 80 is already in use by another application, therefore port 5001.
  • In Production Mode (default) Squidex listens to port 80 using http and it is your responsibility to provide a certificate and https termination.

In Screenshot 2 you use https with port 443, which therefore does not work as well.

In Line #5 you can actually see the port it is listening to. Please read the guide about feature request next time and post logs as code blocks or attached files to your topic, so that you can use copy and paste.

Squidex uses OpenId Connect and OAuth2 (OIDC) for authentication and it needs a lot of redirects to work properly. Unfortunenalty Chrome is very strict about that and restricts some redirect scenarios when you do not use https. Therefore https is a required to run Squidex.

You can use a docker-compose file for that, but this needs a public domain for lets-encrypt: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex-hosting/blob/master/docker-compose/docker-compose.yml

but port 5001 is not working for me in my local machine.
https://localhost:80 also not working

http://localhost:80 also not working

actually i don’t know which url i have to hit for using squidex.

Can you check the ports with docker ps Port 80 is a little bit tricky, I think sometimes it requires elevated permission to use this port.