Squidex on localhost (certificate error)

Hi Sebastian,

I’m trying to setup a local Squidex instance for development as per these instructions:

Note: I do not want to use a public domain, e.g. mydomain.com because I’m going to shut down Squidex in Azure (where it’s hosted now) for the next 12 months to save some money. I instead want to use either localhost or something else like my.funky.domain.or.whatever since I will only be working and hosting everything locally during this period.

I’m following the steps in: Squidex + Caddy

My .env file looks like this:


And then I do:

docker-compose up -d

The containers spin up and everything looks OK.

But then when I try to access Squidex in Chrome I get the following error:

I checked the Troubleshooting section from the link I pasted above but there is no such button (Continue to localhost (Unsafe)) anymore in Chrome. Firefox has it still but after clicking on it it still does not work - I get to a completely blank page.

And the caddy-proxy container logs give me this:

Got any ideas what might be causing this and how to fix?

I think caddy should be able to get local certificate, but i have not tried it recently

I’m thinking maybe the browsers introduced some new security thingy that breaks generating and allowing self-signed certs since these docs were created.

You can try this . If you use chrome then enable #temporary-unexpire-flags-m118 , and then enable `#allow-insecure-localhost;’