Squidex log level debug ,logs don't have much information to help debug

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Current behavior

squidex log level debug ,logs don’t have much information to help debug ,
could i set log level to trace ? could you give me an example of trace logs ?

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Version: [6.5.0]


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hello , i changed the setting to LOGGING__LEVEL: Trace # Trace, Debug, Information, Warning, Error, Fatal , but when i view the log it shows
“logLevel”: “Information”,
“filters”: {
“costs”: 0

is the LOGGING__LEVEL setting working for version 6.5.0 ?

here is the whole log settings :


LOGGING__LEVEL: Trace # Trace, Debug, Information, Warning, Error, Fatal
LOGGING__HUMAN: true # Setting the flag to true, enables well formatteds json logs
LOGGING__COLORS: true # Set to true, to use colors
LOGGING__LOGREQUESTS: true # Set to false to disable logging of http requests
LOGGING__STOREENABLED: true # False to disable the log store
LOGGING__STORERETENTIONINDAYS: 7 # The number of days request log items will be stored
LOGGING__STACKDRIVER__ENABLED: false # True, to enable stackdriver integration
LOGGING__OTLP__ENABLED: false # True, to enable OpenTelemetry Protocol integration
LOGGING__OLTP__ENDPOINT: null # The endpoint to the agent
LOGGING__APPLICATIONINSIGHTS__ENABLED: false # True, to enable application insights integraon
LOGGING__APPLICATIONINSIGHTS__CONNECTIONSTRING: null # “instrumentationkey=keyvalue”

Sorry, for my late reply. I think theoretically the log level works, but I have made many overrides to filter out logs that are not needed and cause high costs.

Are you looking for something specifically?

yes , i want to see the trace log of API call to debug a failed API call . i already changed the log level to trace , but when i view the stdout log , it still shows “logLevel”: “Information”. so how could i see the trace log ?

this is what I meant before: I have overwritten some of the log levels: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/backend/src/Squidex/Config/Domain/LoggingServices.cs#L46

yes, i understand what you meat by overwritten some of the log levels , but i still want to know if there is any workaround to make the log levell setting works or there is no way to make the log level setting works untill you change the log service code ?
or do you have plan to change the log service code ?

one more question , if you change the log service code , will you make this change update to the squidex image of version 6.5.0 ?

Image Layer Details - squidex/squidex:6.5.0 | Docker Hub

I already updated that logic, but I will only update the latest version for the community version. If you have a support contract I will provide hotfixes as well.