Squidex Identity


I just created an identity app and follow step 2 of the documentation (https://docs.squidex.io/01-getting-started/installation/install-identity).

I added a logo and a name etc. But when I want to login I don’t see that data.
So how can I activate this identity app? So my users can see the data I filled in in the identity app.

Or is this not at all how this app is supposed to work?

Sorry, for the long wait.

The idea of Squidex identity is to provide a SSO solution for your end users. Just like Auth0. All data and users then managed in Squidex.

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Not a problem at all!

I just read some old support tickets and your blog, so it became clear to me that way. (that was the reason I flagged it, because I couldn’t delete it.).

But thanks for your reply.