Squidex Identity Questions

Hi Sebastian,

I’m new with Squidex, thinking of using Squidex Cloud for my client (Small website to show articles, blog posts, some thing like that). Also, they want to have a change to create article, blog post. So I came around with Squidex and have things set up as
1/ Create a App with Squidex Cloud: create schema for Article, Post
2/ Create a Website to show articles/posts by call Squidex Cloud api
3/ I’d like to create a admin site that allow client user (Editor role) to create/edit/update article/post. Just need a Login page and get access token to create content for the schema.

So, Is Squidex Identity suitable for this case? I’m getting confused with Squidex Identity. I created an app in Squidex Cloud with predefined Identity schema but don’t know how it would help for this situation.

Thanks in advance

Squidex Identity implements the OpenID Connect system, which is not needed for simple scenarios. I would just create a schema for your users and implement a simple login.

Got it. Thanks Sebastian