Squidex editor latest version


It seems like the repository of the editor GitHub - Squidex/editor: Rich Text Editor for Squidex differs from the current compiled version in Squidex.
Could you please confirm if you maintain in sync both editor projects (the React project mentioned above as well as compiled version squidex-editor.js), and if that’s not a case, could you please update editor project to latest version.

Thank you in advance.

I have pushed the latest change but the Squidex master should have the latest version.

Thank you, Sebastian. That was very helpful.

Can you elaborate why you ask? Are you planning customizations?

The new editor is really great, all we need is an option to add image carousel to the content and also image with author signature. Ideally it would be carousel containing images with signature.

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I would use references for that. You can embed references in the content which are just added as links, then you have 2 options:

  1. You parse the link and resolve the content on runtime
  2. You use graphql for that, because you can also resolve embedded content items there.