Squidex container not responding on Azure

I am trying to set up to run on Azure. I have created the MongoDb instance and I can see that it has started to populate the structures for Squidex, so that appears to be running ok.
When I start the container I get to the point where it logs that the container has started correctly, I am using the image squidex/squidex:latest. But, each time I try to connect to the app it fails to coonnect. In the logs I can see that it is pinging the instance but getting no response.

2019-10-18T05:13:35.709464928Z “logLevel”: “Warning”,
2019-10-18T05:13:35.709981332Z “message”: “Response did not arrive on time in 00:00:30 for message: Request S172.16.0.4:11111:309071574cli/b69e36b3@273bd683->S172.16.0.4:11111:0stg/29/0000001d@S0000001d #2: . Target History is: S172.16.0.4:11111:0:*stg/29/0000001d:@S0000001d. About to break its promise.”,
2019-10-18T05:13:35.709994432Z “eventId”: {
2019-10-18T05:13:35.709998932Z “id”: 100157
2019-10-18T05:13:35.710002932Z },
2019-10-18T05:13:35.710006732Z “app”: {
2019-10-18T05:13:35.710010732Z “name”: “Squidex”,
2019-10-18T05:13:35.710014732Z “version”: “”,
2019-10-18T05:13:35.710019232Z “sessionId”: “e5a48118-ebd2-44fb-b137-fbc620537b52”
2019-10-18T05:13:35.710023432Z },
2019-10-18T05:13:35.710027332Z “timestamp”: “2019-10-18T05:13:35Z”,
2019-10-18T05:13:35.710031432Z “category”: “Orleans.Runtime.CallbackData”
2019-10-18T05:13:35.710035432Z }

2019-10-18 05:16:32.448 ERROR - Container pilsungdo_0_9c81a722 for site pilsungdo did not start within expected time limit. Elapsed time = 230.6691872 sec

2019-10-18 05:16:32.521 ERROR - Container pilsungdo_0_9c81a722 didn’t respond to HTTP pings on port: 8080, failing site start. See container logs for debugging.