Squidex Cloud + CloudFlare?

Hi, is there a way to cache the assets and WebServices of Squidex Cloud with CloudFlare?

I understand to cache a site on CloudFlare you configure your Domain with them. So how could I cache Squidex Cloud on CloudFlare? Is there a way to configure a domain on Squidex or something like that?


I don’t know yet. I have also a task to have a look into it, so it will be solved for the cloud sooner or later anyway. You can also write a custom proxy and cache these requests with cloudflare.

My idea was to introduce dedicated CDN endpoints for that, e.g. content.squidex.io and assets.squidex.io

I would probably use cloudflare for assets and https://www.fastly.com/ for contents (they have this interesting concept of surrogate keys).

But I have to figure it out if everything works with authentication.


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Hi Sebastian, I know you just implemented cache with Fastly but before that (at the time of this post) we implemented our own cache system.
I’m trying to figure out how to delete the cache of a content when it is updated.
Is there a way to call an API from a script including the reference to the content?

For instance:
if (ctx.operation === ‘Published’) {

In another post you wrote that “Squidex also provides a rule action to invalidate cache entries in fastly.” I did not find it in the docs. How is it done?


Not yet, I am working on support for HTTP calls in the script but it has not really started. You have to do it in a webhook.

Fastly provides the concept of surrogate-keys and squidex supports that. https://docs.fastly.com/en/guides/getting-started-with-surrogate-keys

There is an action to purge surrogate keys.

Thanks, we resolved it with a Webhook.
Did not know about Rules+Webhook. Works great.

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