Squidex cloud backup and mongodb

Hi Sebastian,

From https://squidex.io/pricing:

Can I move from the cloud to a self hosted solution or back?

Yes, Squidex provides backup functionality out of the box. You can create a backup in the cloud and then restore this backup in your own installation. You can also open a support request to restore a backup in the Cloud.

I’m wondering:

  1. The backup. Is it a backup created using mongodump that i later can download if i would move need to move to self hosting? Or are you referring to squidex’s own built in backup capabilities (backup/restore squidex apps)?

  2. Does squidex cloud use mongodb atlas?

It refers to the custom backup system, that only stores everything for one app. The mongodump would be a backup across all apps.

No, I consider that, but the pricing is high and it would need a major deployment change to keep the costs constant. But I would like to use atlas search and the vector database.

Thanks for the update, Sebastian.

What about images. When I choose to buy one of your plans. The images are stored how and where by default?

And how can I transfer the images from squidex cloud to another cloud provider?

The images are stored in google cloud storage. When you make a backup they are downloaded from the storage and added to the archive. So the backup can become pretty large.