Squidex Client Library - Cannot retrieve all apps even when setting the AdminClientId and AdminClientSecret

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Current behavior

When setting the AdminClientId and AdminClientSecret in the appsettings.json of our Squidex instance, it still doesn’t allow me to access all of the apps on our instance when pushing it through the ClientLibrary. I am trying to get a list of every app on our instance using:

var apps = await this.appsClient.GetAppsAsync();

With the credentials for the admin app set to:

"adminClientId": "master-app-testing:master",
"adminClientSecret": "U38xiG88yDVXz892SZEUus4xmXWbV25MfYPUYOru9yk=",

The result is 0 apps.


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This is by design. The problem is that the cloud has thousand of apps. If an admin would see all of them it is also a problem with privacy.

Therefore the endpoint only returns apps, where the user has at least one explicit permission to the app.


Perhaps something for a feature request?

Right and that makes sense.

My main user has access to all of our apps. Do I need specific client credentials for the user? I just pulled client credentials out of an app and put those into the appsettings.json.

Just trying to figure out how to use the AppsClient in that case…

If you are an admin you have permissions to do everything, you just cannot list them with the apps endpoint.