Squidex CLI with Firebase Functions

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Current behavior

I am getting a ‘Permission denied’ - when trying to call the sq binary (tried using Ubuntu and Linux). I noticed I had to use Ubuntu when trying to run on a Heroku Node JS Server (would get the permission denied when trying to use the wrong binary in the past).

Expected behavior

CLI should export the data correctly without any permissions error

Minimal reproduction of the problem

trying to run the cmd ./squidexCLI/sq config add in a Firebase function triggers the ‘permission denied’ error


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Version: [VERSION]


  • [x] Chrome (desktop)

Linux binary works when testing locally on windows
Mac binary works when testing locally on mac
Ubuntu binary works when testing on heroku
Cannot seem to find a compatible binary to run with Firebase Functions. Is this not supported?

The question is: Where is permission denied coming from. Depending what you do, you have to give more permissions to your client.

The permission denied is coming inside of the sh script. When we are trying to run the lines './squidexCLI/sq config add {our app name} {our client name} {our client secret} -u https://cloud.squidex.io/

The CLI write a config file in the same folder where the cli is located. Perhaps you have no permissions for that.