Squidex CLI in docker to run in CI

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Current behavior

no squidex cli in docker

Expected behavior

sq should work on a container running on squidex/squidex

Minimal reproduction of the problem

docker run -it --entrypoint sq squidex/squidex


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Version: latest


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Hi - I would like to use squidex cli in my CI, ideally we would achieve it without having to download the binaries. I was expecting the official squidex image to container squidex cli (ideally in $PATH) but it does not seem to have it. Is there any other official container with the cli included?

Also - is there any other way to provide configuration then through the sq config add command? Like through env vars or files? That would also be very useful for the CI

There is no container for the CLI yet (PRs are welcome), but it is part of global tools, so it should be easy to configure a container yourself.

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cool, thanks @Sebastian, feel free to close