Squidex CLI - checkbox type failing

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Hi Sebastian,
I have a schema with checkboxes in it.
But when I run the Squidex CLI, i get following error.
failed: Could not deserialize the response body stream as Squidex.ClientLibrary.Management.SchemaDetailsDto.
Why would this happen ?
It works fine for dropdown.

I don’t know. is there nothing else?

Btw: What field type is it? String with checkboxes?

I have just written an api test to ensure that it is not a generic problem. I just have a new version of the CLI in the pipeline. I guess your version just does not know that Checkbox is a valid value because it is too old.

Its reference type.
I will try with latest CLI version.

Thanks Sebastian, seemed I had a very old version of Squidex CLI.
its resolved.

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