Space doesn't free up after deleting assets from project

In administration panel when I’m trying to delete assets space doesn’t free up, the amount of MBs stays the same. And also, please can you add a function for deleting all assets at once (some button)?

Thank you!

It is intended. It follow the “never delete” policy that is implemented in Squidex. Are you talking about cloud version or self hosted btw?

Please use the template next time and fill in all information, because it makes a difference whether you are worried about your storage space on your server or your cloud contingent.

Hello Sebastian,

I undestand your policy for the “never delete” but it is not written in your price plan presentation
Is it also the case for all the plans ?


It has nothing to do with pricing, it is the general architectural policy to never delete data, independent of the hosting model and the pricing.

Yes in my point of view it is also a pricing policy.
Because you can keep the data because of your achitecture but you can also count only the assets used into the account on the size limit counter. Wich means if we run out of space left, we have no choice but to pay for extra space.
But it is Ok we just have to have this information;.
Thanks Sebastian

If it really happens we can talk about it. But so far my experience is that nobody really uses the asset space, that is given.

I have the problem on two projects (Mappr ValleeSud and Mappr Altarea) : we’ve accidentaly put very heavy images and tried to remove them to earn space, but it didn’t worked and now we are blocked.
Could you please display the real amount of data just for those two ? And next time we will be more carefull with images size.

I can reset your counters later this day. You will not see the total size but the system will behave as if you have never uploaded any assets.

What is your app name?

Thank you so much !! :slight_smile:
It’s the two following apps :

  • Mappr ValleeSud
  • Mappr Altarea

Hi Sebastian,

Do you think you will have the time to do it soon ?

Many thanks !

Sorry, lots of meetings. I will notify when it is done. Perhaps today. Can you also give me the apps of your name in the URL, not the display name.

I have done it and all your statistics around assets are purged.