[SOLVED] X-Languages header issues

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Current behavior

It looks like the X-Languages header data is somehow reused for a short while per user or even project? Users are reporting that the content in our app is displayed in the wrong language (e.g. their device language is German, but they are getting content in Russian - another one of our supported languages - without them having ever switched to that language before).

Expected behavior

X-Languages header should always enforce the right language.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

  1. Send a graphQL request to Squidex Cloud (I can send you one via DM) with X-Languages header set to de-DE,de. Results should be in German.
  2. Fire the request again, this time with the X-Languages header set to en-US,en. Results are still in German.
  3. After several minutes results for requests are finally in English.
  4. Switching the header to German again then again takes several minutes to show an effect.

I’m seeing this both when requesting via CDN or directly at the Squidex server, so it’s very likely a Squidex issue and no CDN issue.


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Maybe this is related to the changes made for Slow response from content API ?

We didn’t change anything on client side for a while and it suddenly started to happen yesterday.

Fallback language in our app is English.

Unfortunately, we are now starting to lose paying users and accumulating bad reviews because of this. :cry: People especially don’t like seeing Russian text in their apps nowadays…

We would really appreciate if someone could have a look! I’ll help with reproduction as much as I can.

I cannot reproduce it. I have to tabs open in postman and I always get the correct result.

Using Insomnia here, but shouldn’t make a difference. As you can see, I’m setting de-DE,de for X-Languages, but I’m getting English text in the response.

In a few minutes the response will return German data.

Same request, a few minutes later: getting German data now.

Whats your app name and content name? if you send me some sample queries I can perhaps have a closer look.

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@Sebastian I’ll reach out via DM in a few minutes.

Update for everyone: I was wrong, it only happens on CDN, not when accessing Squidex Cloud directly.

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