[SOLVED] Unknown type error when using components

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Current behavior

Previously working queries seem to have started failing today, with error messages regarding unknown types for components.

Expected behavior

The query works as it did previously.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Try to run a grahql query which uses embedded components, like this:

  queryDocumentContents {
    flatData {
      components {

fragment CalloutComponent on CalloutComponent {

Where CalloutComponent is defined as a component:

An error is reported:

"Unknown type - CalloutComponent"

I’m seeing this for multiple component types.


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Hi John,

Sorry for the inconveniences. There was a new deployment today, where this broke after a simple variable rename. Unfortunately there was no test case where real component was used inside GraphQL. I am going to fix the issue, add new tests and then deploy it again.

In the meantime, I have rolled back the deployment.

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