[SOLVED] Unable to sync in due to possible regression

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Current behavior

When importing an app from an old application (which we do frequently) using

sq sync in packages/squidex/schema/ -t app -t schemas -t contents

we are now receiving the following error:

Role ‘Developer’ updating… failed: Validation error: Cannot update a default role.

It appears that this might be a regression of some sort, have there been any changes to that part of squidex?

Expected behavior

The app should sync as normal

Minimal reproduction of the problem

try to import an old app from backup using sq sync in with app param


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@Sebastian may I add that this is blocking all of our CI pipelines and is seriously affecting us. Could you please confirm if there were any changes around that process? as far as we are aware the errors occurs when we sync in an app even when the Developer role config remains unchanged - although it seems that ‘patterns’ are no longer present in the current apps

I have not made any changes recently around that. Perhaps some refactorings that could influence that but not between Christmas and toda

Hi, I pushed a change for the CLI to omit default roles from sync out and sync in.

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