[SOLVED] Unable to Edit Content

Hi Sebastian, the user that manages our website’s content has reported she is now unable to edit several pages including the “Contact Us” page.

As per the user:
"I am having some issues with the new updated Squidex version. I can not edit several pages like contact us, references and others. Subheader, mainbody, pagebody and other panels can not be seen or opened that contain the info. see below. Can you have David take a look at it?

Also before I could change text color and now we are not able to do that anymore. I think it has to do with a new update that was done last week but, not sure."

David took a look at the problem and requested that i provide you with the following info and images.

  1. The panels are collapsed and cannot be opened.

  2. The Rich Text Editor does not seem to have the ability to change text colors anymore. The options are grayed out.

Standing by, Thanks!

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@Sebastian fyi tons of errors in JS console on page load

I cannot reproduce that. Can you provide me the content, e.g. from the network tab?

Found it. I will have a fix in an hour.

It is fixed but you might need a hard refresh to reload the editor.

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